Our Top Faculty


N H Dubey

Learn live from the author of the most read book for Engineering Drawing/ Graphics - Professor N H Dubey. His 30 years of teaching experience will simplify this complex subject and accomplish excellent performance


Hemant Kothari

Professor Hemant Kothari teaches from HEART, not just from book. Students love his teaching style and really find it interesting which helps them retain every concept and apply the same in exams. Under his mentorship, students have cleared their engineering exams with flying colors.

Our Course Features

  • Boost your percentage

    With outstanding explanations of fundamentals, you will ace through tough questions

  • Step-by-Step based learning

    15-20 mins videos covering an important concept at a time and building understanding block by block

  • Kick off your career

    Get placed in your dream company and kick off your career with a bang

  • Recently asked questions & answers

    Solutions to the past 3 years of question papers and important topics distilled will battle proof you for the examinations and an edge over others

  • Live Doubt Solving

    Get personal help from our expert instructors to resolve your questions

  • Vibrant Private Community

    Our interactive forums and the Facebook group have a vibrant community that helps everyone progress

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