If you have given your Engineering Mathematics I exam just a few days back, you must be aware about the examination pattern of Mumbai University & difficulties you may have faced during your first semester.

Now, you are in Semester II. You may have liked Maths in Semester I or not, but one thing is sure -  MATHS LOVED YOU.

So it is going to stick around with you for at least couple of semesters more.

Yup, you heard it right!

So let’s discuss about HOW you can make your Engineering Mathematics II more interesting & WHY you should make it more interesting, in this detailed article.

We will also go through the syllabus of Engineering Mathematic II & what are the topics which are going to be covered in it.

Before that, let us understand what Engineering Mathematics II is.

What is Engineering Mathematics II?

In simple words, Engineering Mathematics II is a sequel of Engineering Mathematics I which you have learned in F.E. Semester I.

Engineering Mathematics II covers theoretical and practical learning of all the important concepts in Mathematics such as Differential Equations, Linear Differential Equations, Beta & Gamma Functions, and Multiple Integrations which will allow you to handle practical problems arising in the field of engineering.

Why you should learn Engineering Mathematics II?

If you are planning for higher education in future such as M Tech, MS or MBA, you will have to appear for an entrance examination. Learning Mathematics is going to play a Hugh role in clearing your entrance exams. Hence you need to have a great command in Engineering Mathematics II.

How to Master Engineering Mathematics II?

Practice makes a man perfect. There is no other secret recipe when it comes to mastering Mathematics II other than PRACTICE.

So practice as many numerical problems as you can. Start from the beginning of the Semester II itself so that each and every concept is crystal clear and all the doubts are resolved.

Speak to your seniors who had successfully cleared their Mathematics II exams with great results. Don’t be afraid to take help from senior faculty in your college or tuitions. Remember, this subject is one of the most important subject in semester II, which requires your time, focus and dedication.

So, make sure you start learning & practising as early as you can.

Syllabus of Engineering Mathematics II (F.E. Semester II)

Engineering Mathematics II will be divided in to 5 major modules which are as follows –

Module 1 – Differential Equations of First Order and First Degree

Module 2 – Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients and Variable Coefficients of Higher Order

Module 3 – Beta and Gamma Function, Differentiation under Integral Sign and Rectification Pre-requisite

Module 4 – Multiple Integration - I

Module 5 – Multiple Integration - II

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What are the outcomes after completing this course?

After completing Online Engineering Mathematics II Course with Xcel Live, you will be able to –

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Keep learning!

Team Xcelacads.