Engineering Graphics is one of the most important subject in First Year Engineering Semester II & most of the syllabus of this subject remains the same across the universities Pan India.

Engineering Graphics Syllabus generally covers below important topics –

  • Introduction to Engineering Graphics
  • Types of Lines
  • Plain and diagonal scales
  • Projection of Points and Lines
  • Projection of Solids
  • Section of Solids
  • Projections of Planes
  • Engineering Curves
  • Development of Surfaces
  • Orthographic and Sectional Orthographic Projections
  • Missing Views
  • Isometric Projections

But before we understand other complex modules or topics, we need to first understand the Basics of Engineering Graphics.

In this article, we are going to cover the introduction to engineering graphics, its importance for engineering students and how to score a good CGPA in semester II exam.

Let’s start with the basics first –

What is Engineering Graphics?

Engineering Graphics is the universal language of all engineers around the world. It is the graphical solution for many engineering problems and is a communication language between the designer and maker of the object.

Learning this subject will help you to convey the detail graphical design information of the objects.

It is an indispensable tool for every engineering students irrespective of different branches, not just for mechanical or civil engineering.

What is the Difference between Engineering Graphics & Engineering Drawings?

There is No difference between Engineering Graphics & Engineering Drawings. Some of the universities prefer to call it as an Engineering Graphics & some prefer to call it as an Engineering Drawings.

Why some of the students find Engineering Graphics difficult to learn?

Many of the students find Engineering Graphics difficult to understand due to 2 main reasons -

(A) Difficulty to understand the fundamentals of Engineering Graphics

(B) Lack of imagination power of students


Let’s look at each difficulty one by one -


(A) Difficulty to understand the fundamentals of Engineering Graphics

There are 2 ways by which students generally learn – either from their teacher or from the textbook.

Teachers are sometimes not able to give their 100% in teaching, since they have a whole syllabus to complete in the span of just 2-3 months. What happens then is, they end up focusing just on few topics which are important from exam point of view & then the students mug up the same in order to just pass the exam. But when it comes to solving difficult problems, students are not able to do it due to the lack of clarity of the basics.

To talk about learning from books, there are hundreds of Engineering Graphics Books available. But students are generally less interested to read the books which covers the basics of Engineering Graphics. Understanding the concepts in detail is necessary since the subject deals with 3D shapes. So self-learning from books becomes difficult for students.

(B) Lack of imagination power of students

Second reason why students find it difficult to learn Engineering Graphics is the lack of imagination. Imagination power varies from students to students and improving the same takes time.

But difficult doesn’t always mean impossible. Students can overcome this difficulty with Practice i.e. solving more number of problems and more varieties of problems. By improving the imagination power, students can easily understand the shape and orientation of the object in the space.


Why is it important to learn Engineering Graphics in Semester II with great attention?

Can you explain a car engine or IC diagram in any regular language such as English?

Just like in day to day life, a language is important to convey a message or explain your point to someone, learning engineering graphics will help you to explain 3D features of the object.

If you are an engineering student, you are a future engineer who is going to deal with many 3D shapes in the career. So in order to explain the 3D features of an object to others, you need to learn engineering graphics thoroughly. Also, as an engineer in future, you will need to prepare drawings in Design Process for better technology and knowledge transfer.

Without understanding this language of Engineering Graphics, engineers will find it difficult to compete in the engineering field.

By learning this subject thoroughly, the self-learning of other subjects where the drawings and diagrams are involved becomes easy too.

How to score good grades in Engineering Graphics?

In Semester II, each subject is given a weightage. Engineering Maths II, Engineering Graphics & C Programming are given the highest weightage for Semester II.

In order to score good grades in Engineering Graphics, you need to focus on 3 things –

1. Understanding - Understanding the subject properly

2. Imagination - Improving the imagination power

3. Expression - Learning to draw properly

With these 3 things done correctly, you can achieve great results in Engineering Graphics in Semester II, which will improve your overall CGPA.

So if you are planning for masters in future, your CGPA will help you the most. Many universities also give you a scholarship based on your CGPA.

For placements, CGPA plays a hugh role and even after getting the placement, you need to perform well in your job, so learning this subject with great understanding & attention is very important for engineering students.

Why Learn Engineering Graphics from Xcelacads?

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The unique rules and equations taught in the live lectures will help students improve their imagination power.

Students also get 24X7 library access for the entire semester, so in case they are not able to understand from live lectures, they can learn and practice at their own pace which will improve their drawing skills too.

With live doubt solving sessions, study notes, MCQs & question paper solutions from previous year engineering graphics exams, students at Xcelacads can master this subject & score great results in their Semester II exams.

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Keep learning!

Team Xcelacads.